Cold Processing (Research Only)

Please note that the equipment on this page is for pathogen research and it, along with materials that have come into contact with it, cannot be used outside the Meat Safety and Processing Research Unit.

Stephan Universal Machine VM 150 (pictured above)
Max Temperature: 95C
Max Pressure 6bar/85psi
Chamber Volume: 163L

Stephan MicroCut

Stephan Microcut MC 10
Capacity: 1200L/hr
Speed: 3000RPM
Applications: Meat Emulsions, Liver pate, Skin emulsion, Baby Food, Vegetable grinding, Biscuit rework grinding
Processes: Cutting, Dispersing, Emulsifying, Homogenizing

Schroder Brine Injector

Schroder Imax 350 Brine Injector
Needles sizes: 4mm, 3mm, 2mm
Passage Hieght: 180mm
Brine pressure: 0.5-4.5bar

Koch Sausage Stuffer

Koch SC-100 Sausage Stuffer
Stuffing Capacity: 400lbs/hr
Straight horns available: 12mm, 20mm, 50mm
Features: Hands-free operation

Glass Mixer

Glass Vakuum-Allround-Mixer VAS 40
Operating pressure: 6bar
Max steam pressure: 4bar

Berkel Meat Slicer

Berkel X13 Meat Slicer
Max Thickness Slice: 34mm
Knife Diameter: 330mm

Holly Meat Grinder

Holly Mini-Matic Ergonomic Mixer/Grinder
Output: 50lbs. per minute
Features: Variable speed control, 2 independent drive motor