Major Platforms

Animals are heterotrophs and they require proper nutrients to maintain their growth rate, reproduction rate, immunity, and well-being. There are six major classes of nutrients: water, protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins.

Meat science is the study of how animal production practices, genetics and post mortem carcass management affect the appearance and eating quality of meat. The most important factors affecting consumer acceptance are the appearance, fat colour and the amount of moisture associated with the meat.

The 1,600 square foot Biosafety Level 2, Fermentation Laboratory is ideally suited to provide process optimization and development services. The laboratory supports fermentations from bench top to 2,000 litres.

Designed for processing of meat products with foodborne pathogens, the Meat Safety and Processing Research Unit provides researchers and industry partners with state of the art facilities for food safety research.

The Canadian Natural Health Product and Functional Food Industry is a leading contributor to global innovation and growth.