Health and Safety

at Agri-Food Discovery Place

Agri-Food Discovery Place is committed to providing a safe working environment and creating a culture where safety is a primary consideration. We are the first facility within the University of Alberta to be awarded the Certificate of Recognition for our health and safety management program and we take pride in being viewed by the University of Alberta as an example of how to successfully integrate health and safety into daily operations.

AFDP employs a thorough orientation program that applies to common use areas, unique equipment and laboratories, cleaning and sanitation and much more.  Unique training requirements compliment the orientation program to ensure that individuals can work safely within our distinctive environment.  We also adhere to the safety requirements of various regulatory agencies as they apply to work that is done within the facility.

We believe that a safe workplace can be established and sustained through a strong health and safety program coupled with clear communication and consistent expectations.  Consequently, there is a facility-wide commitment to safety by our operations team and our clients. This commitment ranges from the policies and procedures of senior management to the work practices employed on a daily basis.  All groups and individuals who operate out of the facility, whether on a short or long-term basis, are required to follow AFDP’s health and safety program.