Separation: Filter, Membrane & Column

GEA Membrane Filtration Skid
Model: R
Max pressure: 600psig
Max temperature: 200F
Features: 2 membrane housing
15 gallon tank
Control loops for: temperature
Tank level
Feed pump
Recirculation pump
Flow indicators
1m2 heat exchanger
Explosion proof construction
Membrane area:
spiral 4 to 14m2
Ceramic 0.2 to 0.36m2
Stainless Steel 0.35m2
Permeate Capacity
spiral 20-50 gallons/h
Ceramic 5-50 gallons/h
Stainless 10-50 gallons/h

Amersham BioProcess System

Amersham BioProcess System
Max flow rate:120L/hr
Min Flowrate:7.5L/hr
Gradient pump regulating flow range: 15-120L/hr
Maximum operating pressure: 3.0 bar
Maximum back Pressure: 1.0 bar
Leakage: 0.12bar at 30 minutes
Temperature range: 4-40C
Number of inlets: 8
Number of outlets: 4
Column connection: 1
Conductivity Meter: 2 precolumn, post column
Pressure meter: 1 Pre column
pH meter: 1 post column
UV Meter: 1 post Column
Flow meter: 1 post column
Temperature: Integrated in Conductivity meter
Air delection: 2 sample, column guard

Cuno Filter

Cuno Filter
Model: 162PC2-US
Filter type: Cartridge
Cartridge available: Please see 3M.

Fil-Trek Sock Filter

Fil-Trek Sock Filter
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 4L

Pope Scientific Nuetch Filter

Pope Scientific 20L Nuetch filter.
Volume: 10L above filter plate, 10L below filter plate.
Filter size: 24cm Diameter
Can be used for: Bed filtration, vacuum filtration, pressure filtration, Pressure/vacuum combination filtration.

Retch Sieve

Retch Sieve Shaker
Model: AS 200 digital
Capacity: 9 separations or 3kg

Sartorius Sartocon Filtration System

Sartorius Sartocon Slice Benchtop Crossflow Filtration System
Ultra and micro filtration
Volume: 1L to 5L
Jacketed tank for heating and cooling
Filter pore size range: Molecular Weight Cut-off 1,000 to 300,000, Pore size 0.1 micron to 0.45 micron
Surface area: 0.1m^2