Separation: Centrifugation

Alfa Laval High speed Separator LAPX 404SGP-31G/TGP-61G
Maximum Feed Temperature:100C
Maximum Ambient Temperature: 55C
Maximum Bowl speed: 9307rpm
Disc stack: Clarifier
Maximum Feed Density: 1100kg/m3
Maximum Sediment Density: 1499kg/m3

Westfalia Solvent Compatible Centrifuge

Westfalia SA-07 Solvent Compatible Centrifuge
Process: Separation or Clarification
Max flow rate: 4000L/hr
Solid Max capacity: 1.5L

Westfalia Separator

Westfalia Separator CA220-010
Bowl speed: 5700rpm
Comparative capacity to other westfalia separators: 7000L/hr

Beckman Coulter Centrifuge

Beckman Coulter Avanti J-20 High Performance Centrifuge
Range 100-20,000rpm
Setting Range 0-180 minutes
Temperature Range: -10C to 40C
Rotors available:JS-7.5-100, JLA-8-1000