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Agri-Food Discovery Place is home to a multitude of equipment to support the five areas of research. The equipment available comes from suppliers around the world and has been tailored to the areas of research at AFDP. Equipment is constantly being added, upgraded and removed as research changes.

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Wenger X-115 single-screw extruder and dryer


Wenger X-115 single-screw extruder and dryer The extruder processes meats and grains, and is capable of shearing cell walls, cooking, mixing, texturizing and shaping animal feed. Ingredients will be fed into the machine and treated with steam, friction and pressure, then squeezed through a die and cooled. The capacity of the extruder is 150kg/hr to 900kg/h. The dryer/cooler takes the material produced by the extruder and dries then cools the product.


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