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Fermentation Laboratory

Fermentation Platforms

The 1,600 square foot Fermentation Laboratory and pilot plant is ideally suited to provide process optimization and development services to academia and Industry. The laboratory supports fermentations from bench top to 2,000 litres.

Fermentation Facility Equipped with:

  • Six well-instrumented fermenters ranging in size from 5 L to 2,000 L total volume. 

  • Three identical 5L units can be used simultaneously to optimize process parameters and media constituents. 

  • Fermenters can work in fed-batch mode and oxygen and nitrogen supplementations are available. 

  • Local computerized control and monitoring of DO, pH, temperature, airflow, agitation and data is logged and reported using data acquisition computer program.

  • Fully equipped Microbiology Laboratory support to the Fermentation Laboratory 

    • Full range of microbiology analysis, including purity and identity 

    • Protein yield and quality are analyzed by SDS-PAGE, ELISA, Western and chromatography 

    • Analytical capabilities Including HPLC and quantitative PCR system 

    • Final product analysis, including moisture, activity and appearance. 

Our links with other laboratories at the University of Alberta allow additional testing, including organic and mineral assays. 

Our facility provides service to Industry driven applied and contract research in:


  • Media Optimization 

  • Bioprocess Development 

  • Scale up to 2000L 

  • Bacteria, Fungi, and Algae Fermentation 

  • Probiotics and Food Ingredients 

  • Biomass to ethanol conversion 

  • Bio herbicides and fungal organisms 

  • Seed enhancements (inoculants) and more

Downstream Processing 

  • Cell disruption 

  • Micro and ultra – filtration 

  • Centrifugation 

  • Protein Purification 

  • Solvent Extraction 

  • Super Critical Extraction 

  • Evaporation 

  • Column chromatography 

  • Spray Drying 

  • Lyophilisation and more

For More Information please contact: 

Jiancheng Qi, MSc, CFS, P.Eng. 
Bioresource and Food Processing Research Unit Lead/Fermentation Engineer

AFNS, University of Alberta 

Building F-83, AFDP 

6020 - 118 St, Edmonton, AB, T6G 2E1 

(780) 492.3104



The equipment available for Fermentation is set up to take the client from bench all the way up to 2000L fermentations. The steps available are bench, 5L, 140L and 2000L fermentors. Besides the fermentors there is a number of supporting equipment available to help in the downstream processing after the fermentation is complete. For more information on equipment available check out the platform’s equipment.

Check out the Lab's equipment.

  • almost 1500sqft of space.
  • addition over 500sqft messanine.
  • Addition access to coolers.
  • Built in sanitation system.
  • Change room and showers.

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Unit Lead: Fermentation Laboratory

Jiancheng Qi, MSc, CFS, P.Eng.

Agri-Food Discovery Place 

Dept. of Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science 

Phone: 780.492.3104