Major Platforms

The University of Alberta has extensive research expertise working closely with industry partners to improve quality and deliverables in animal nutrient and feed ingredients.

The pilot plant facility is equipped with single screw extruder which opens new research opportunities. The pilot-scale extruder is uniquely suited to the pet food and animal feed industries.

The Animal Nutrition and Ingredient Development Program will be a training center to train new highly-qualified personal for industries that use extruders including the pet food industry, feed industry, food industry and other value-added agricultural Industries.



The eating quality of meat can be affected by live animal production factors as well as how the animal carcass is handled post mortem. Carcass and Meat Science research at the University of Alberta focuses on collaborating with industry to address industry problems. Current research is investigating ante-and post-mortem factors that affect carcass yield/grade and include characterization of meat colour, intramuscular pH, water holding capacity, moisture, protein and fat contents, tenderness, and sensory acceptability.



The 1,600 square foot Fermentation Laboratory and pilot plant is ideally suited to provide process optimization and development services to academia and Industry. The laboratory supports fermentations from bench top to 2,000 litres.



The 7,400 square-foot, containment level 2, Meat Safety and Processing Research Unit (MSPRU) is a one-stop shop for food safety research. As part of the University’s Agri-Food Discovery Place, it is a biosafety containment level 2 meat-processing facility that allows researchers to process meat with food-borne pathogens simulating industry conditions throughout the processing chain, including retail and consumer handling. 



Natural health products (NHP) and Functional foods become a relatively new component of the human diet and has higher growing market rate in Canada. Increased consumer awareness and conscious to maintain good health through healthy diet opened new venture to industry and academic researchers to work together.



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Agri-Food Discovery Place is a University owned pilot plant facility.

It is a world class innovative research, training and technology transfer facility and provides education to highly qualified individuals

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