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Agri-Food Discovery Place is home to a multitude of equipment to support the five areas of research. The equipment available comes from suppliers around the world and has been tailored to the areas of research at AFDP. Equipment is constantly being added, upgraded and removed as research changes.

Current Results

M-110EH-30 Microfluidizer® Processor

M-110EH-30 Microfluidizer® Processor
M-110EH-30 Electric-Hydraulic Laboratory Microfluidizer Processor for Continuous High Shear Fluid Processing
Along with other uses the patented Microfluidizer processor produces high-yield cell disruption with easy recovery
The M-110EH-30 Microfluidizer processor combines superior, scalable results with easy handling and clean-in-place
Process pressure to 30,000 psi (2,070 bar)
Flow rates to 320 ml/min at 30,000 psi


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